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Strike Force Energy

The Strike Force Story:

We are proud to be veteran owned, and all of our products are made right here in the USA. We believe that everyone has a warrior within. Our mission is to give you #FuelForYourFight

"Our story began with a moment of inspiration. One day, inventor and co-founder, Bruce, was eating a hot dog. While he was pouring ketchup from a packet, he thought to himself, “this would be a great way to package an energy drink mix that we could ship overseas to our deployed troops!” With that revolutionary idea, the world’s first can-less energy drink was born.

Armed with a great idea and a prototype, Bruce needed a partner. While working on a robotics project for Helical & MATBOCK, he met Sean, a retired Navy SEAL. As they got to know each other, Bruce offered Sean a prototype energy packet. Sean was hooked, and they immediately began working to create what is now Strike Force Energy.

We started out as a lean operation, growing from our grassroots networking, amazing customer service, and great product. Today, we offer a full range of energy products, and are looking to expand into new horizons. Every year we work to support our military, police, and first responders. In 2018 alone we donated over $50,000 in product to help make sure our nation’s finest had the energy they needed."


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