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MASF Rush Pre Workout

MASF Rush Pre Workout

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Researched and developed by world renowned strength and conditioning specialists, professional athletes and bodybuilders, MASF RUSH Pre-workout will take you to a new level of performance. Our product is formulated without any proprietary blends or fillers and our labels are 100% transparent. We use only the highest quality ingredients, plant extracts, and amino acids to give you incredible energy, focus, and motivation during your workouts! Our ingredients work synergistically to help you burn more fat, boost thermogenesis, and increase protein synthesis! This product is sugar free and may be taken in combination with MASF Recovery BCAAs, Smashin’ Greens™ or any MASF products.

Pre-workouts are multi-ingredient dietary formulas designed to boost energy and athletic performance. Much like your morning cup of coffee, caffeine in a pre-workout supplement gives your energy levels a boost. Caffeine has been shown to block pain in the muscle during workouts. It is a great tool to help sharpen your focus, increase reaction time, and elevate alertness. L-citrulline is another pre-workout ingredient that helps prepare you for extreme pumps. It is an important amino acid that our bodies can change into another amino acid called L-arginine, a building block of nitric oxide, which helps maintain normal blood vessel function.

• No Beta-Alanine or Niacin
• Increases energy
• Better metabolism
• Reduces recovery time
• Increases concentration and mental focus
• Boosts muscular endurance and strength
• Increased pump and vasodilation
• Accelerates strength gains
• Stimulates muscle building
• Improves blood circulation
• Increases oxygen delivery


**These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Mix 1 scoop of MASF Rush Pre-Workout with 6-8oz. of water. Shake well. Drink 20-30 minutes before working out. Lemon Lime

Orange Mango

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