*To participate and be eligible for prizes in the 10 Day Integrity Challenge, 10 Day Accountability Challenge and the MASF Elite Challenge you MUST purchase a Fasting Kit each time.*
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    Lost 17 lbs!
    "Shout out to @masf_industries@mitch_aguiar for sending me this awesome shirt and Challenge coin for finishing the integrity challenge🙌🏻 I will wear it proud!! Just a small update for everyone!It's been over a month since I have finished this challenge and I'm so impressed how I have kept the weight off. After losing over 17 lbs I have only gained back 4lbs
    This is with me eating not so healthy but still continuing to workout 4 to 5 times a week. I 100% recommend doing this 10 day challenge. It is a great way to get yourself in gear to a more healthier lifestyle."

    Lost 18.4 lbs
    "Huge shoutout to @mitch_aguiar & @masf_industries for the awesome challenge reward. It does feel great to have been able to prove myself during the 10 days. #mindsetiseverything #smashingreens"

    Total lost 51 lbs! (over a few 10-day challenges) 
    "51 pounds down since July 14th. While this is just a small milestone in my journey, remember to celebrate the small victories when you achieve them! I still have 38 more pounds to go to hit my goal weight of 185 and then focus on building more muscle mass. I don’t think I would’ve ever seen these results without first making the choice of bettering myself. #mindsetiseverything Having a strong support structure at home cheering me on and keeping me focused. Lastly surround yourself with people who will build you up and share the same ideals and goals. People that will encourage you to aspire to the goals you want to accomplish! In my opinion a little negative reinforcement is just as beneficial as positive reinforcement. Look at yourself from the outside. Ask yourself are you where you want to be? If that answer is no work harder to achieve what you want! I found @masf_industries and @mitch_aguiarback in March when they ran a March meltdown challenge. I ordered some greens and didn’t get them in time to start the challenge but I started with a small fast. Boy was it tough. My mind wasn’t where I needed it and continued to eat like total shit. By July I was ready to take on my goals and both Mitch and MASF Industries were there every step of the way. 2020 will hold significant changes in both my fitness and outlook on all aspects of life. What are you doing to better yourself?  #loveyourself #seekadversity#dontbeapussy #strikeforcehorse#absfor2020"