MASF Meltdown - 33 Day Challenge


You will be fasting with the SMASHIN' GREENS Superfood Blend for 5 days on 2 days off, for 33 days! The challenge starts with day 1 of your first 5-day fast and ends on day 5 of your 5th 5-day fast. This breaks down to (5) 5-day fasts with 2 cheat days of healthy eating in between your fasts (IT HELPS TO START THIS CHALLENGE ON A MONDAY) Think you got what it takes? Complete this challenge & put your discipline and willpower to the test! MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!!!


  • Smashin’ Greens (1 container = 30 servings) If you’re doing 3 drinks a day on fasting days, that’s 75 servings of greens you’ll need.

  • Shaker/ blender bottles

  • MASF Gains Protein powders (highly recommended, but you may use any protein you are using currently) 

  • MASF Recovery BCAAs (recommended if you will be training often during your fasts and tastes great combined with the ‘Greens).

  • MASF Rush Pre-workout (not a necessity but if you use pre-workout, we highly recommend ours! We also recommend trying half a scoop mixed with your morning ‘greens shakes. It won’t make you tingly or itchy).

  • MASF Power Creatine or other creatine you may already be using (optional).

  • Coffee and tea drinkers: Plain black coffee and black, green or herbal tea is allowed (NO SUGAR, CREAM, HONEY, ETC..). 

  • Sugar-free sweeteners like Stevia or Monk Fruit extract are also approved to add to your ‘greens shakes to help with flavor; OR you may add Strike Force Energy to add flavor and for extra energy.

  • You may have sugar-free sparkling flavored waters as well (ex. La Croix, Bubbly, etc..)

***ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK*** At the start of this challenge, make sure to post your DAY 1, DAY 17, and DAY 33 photos holding the Smashin’ Greens along with a TESTIMONIAL on Day 33! Make a post telling your friends and family about the challenge you are taking on and have them and your followers (including MASF) hold you accountable! Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about what you look like.  Comparison is the thief of joy! Be proud of the fact that you’re taking the necessary steps in order to improve! You can also send your before and after photos and testimonials to and with your permission to post online, we may share them to our website’s testimonial sections!

On Fasting Days: 

  • You may have as many Smashin’ Greens drinks as you want (typically 1-3 drinks per day). Drink them as meal replacements or when you feel hungry.

  • You may have any of the approved supplements listed above;  a sugar-free protein shake after working out is highly recommended IF you work out. Check out our MASF GAINS protein powders! 

  • You may have black coffee or tea with NO SUGAR, CREAM OR OTHER ADDITIVES! (Approved natural sweeteners are listed above).

  • Drink plenty of water (half your bodyweight in ounces is the daily recommended H2O intake)!!

On Cheat Days:

  • A cheat day is a cheat day! You can eat whatever you want on your cheat days/ non-fasting days. HOWEVER- you get what you give; your results at the end of the MASF Meltdown will vary depending on your ability to control yourself on these off days. What you eat is up to you but, we highly recommend EATING CLEAN on these days; salads and whole foods like veggies, fruits, meats, and if you want to have sweets, have them sparingly. Try to avoid processed or fast foods and high-carb meals if you can.

  • We recommend you still have a Smashin’ Greens drink in the mornings even on your cheat days, because it is so good for your general health and digestion!

Check our Instagram (@MASF_Industries) and Facebook (@MASF.Industries) pages for regular updates regarding this challenge and keep us updated on your progress! You get what you give, so give more!