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    MASF Supplements

    Ok... here it goes... This is everything you need to know to do the Smashin' Greens Juice Fast. This is a 10 day fast. This is designed to rapidly cut body fat (not water weight) and push you mentally. There are a ton of great benefits from fasting (Google them). Start each morning with one MASF Multi (A good substitute is Raw One plant based multivitamin), just one a day. Put one serving of the Smashin' Greens Superfood Blend (25 gram scoop provided) into your MASF 20oz shaker bottle. You can have as many of the Smashin’ Greens drinks a day as you’d like. *For on the go convenience, you can prepare and store your superfood blend in our new MASF 30g protein funnels.* Add 20oz of water. Add 1 serving of strikeforce (this is the best way to mask the taste and helps give you energy). For shakes in the evening I recommend using sugar / caffeine free MIO water enhancer, so you are not awake all night. You can also have a protein shake that is low sugar / low carb only if you workout. You can have a protein shake after every workout. Example: If you do two workouts in a day you can have two protein shakes that day. You can also take pre workout if you'd like. You can have coffee if you must but it has to be blackNo sugar or cream. You can have as much water as you want throughout the entire fast. That is it. You can not eat any food or drink anything else. It is that simple and that cut and dry. Do not ask me if you can substitute this or that or whatever. This is the Smashin' Greens Juice Fast. Do it this way and do not deviate and I guarantee you will lose weight, burn fat and lose inches! Or do it your own way.. If you want to put a piece of pizza in a blender and hot dogs and orange juice or whatever, go for it...That's your fast, your rules. If you stick to this fast, I guarantee you will learn something about yourself and see amazing results! It might be hard, it’s not impossible. Don't be a pussy and remember that mindset is everything!!!