CEO: Mitch Aguiar

Mitch Aguiar is a 10 year Navy SEAL Veteran, Professional MMA Fighter and Entrepreneur.

Mitch joined the Navy in 2008 and went straight to BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL) training and graduated with BUDS class 273. After he had completed SEAL training he was stationed at SEAL Team 10 in Virginia Beach, where he did multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan as well as Europe.

In 2012 Mitch aka the Smashin’ Frog had started competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Mixed Martial Arts as a hobby and quickly found success in both.

In 2017 Mitch launched his first business, MASF(Mitch Aguiar Smashin’ Frog) Apparel with the intention of selling his fight shirts to his supporters.

By the time Mitch had left the Navy in 2018 he was a 10x champion in mixed martial arts and was ranked number 1 on the east coast in both the 170lb and 185lb divisions.

In January of 2018 Mitch launched his supplement company MASF Supplements. While competing in Mixed Martial Arts Mitch explored different avenues of nutrition and weight cutting. This led him to develop a unique blend of powdered superfoods called the Smashin’ Greens.

Utilizing his supplements, Mitch created a unique series of fasting challenges and encouraged his supporters to conquer them in order to instill his message that “Mindset Is Everything”.

By 2020 MASF Supplements had become a successful company which allowed Mitch to fund and launch his own charity Adopt A Cop BJJ, a 501(C)3 that allows for Police officers anywhere in the United States to attend any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy of their choosing and learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu free of charge until the rank of Blue belt.

The charity quickly grew and is currently affiliated with and being utilized by well over 1000 gyms across all 50 states. The program has had over 350 officers graduate and receive their Blue belts.

In 2022 Mitch launched a second brand called Violent Hippie which sells apparel, Jiu Jitsu Gi's and Organic CBD. That same year Mitch opened up the Violent Hippie Jiu Jitsu Academy which offers Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts training to its members. The brand/academy’s philosophy and motto is “Be kind, or else…”