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    Mitch Aguiar is a 10 year Navy SEAL Veteran, entrepreneur, podcaster, motivational speaker and Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter.

    Mitch learned early on that seeking adversity, embracing the suck and overcoming challenges is what instills confidence, which lead him to enlist in the Navy and eventually graduated from BUDs Class 273 in 2008.

    He was assigned to SEAL Team 10 in 2009 and deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 for 11 months, worked as a multi purpose Dog Handler for a year and then deployed to Europe for 6 months.

    In 2012 Mitch began training and competing in Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts in his spare time. He ended up accumulating an amateur MMA record of 15-1 and was ranked #1 on the East coast in both the Welterweight and Middleweight divisions. 

    Mitch has always had a passion for learning and teaching others and after his tours he finished up his time in the teams teaching combatives and close quarters combat.

    In March of 2017 Mitch founded his company MASF (Mitch Aguiar Smashin’ Frog) Supplements. He originally started selling his fight shirts out of his spare bedroom which eventually evolved into an entire apparel line, accessories and high quality supplements.

    Mitch left the Navy in January of 2018 at the rank of E6/SO1 (Special Operator First Class) to pursue becoming a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and on January 27th, 2018 he made his Professional MMA debut winning by TKO.

    In 2020 Mitch founded his charity Adopt A Cop BJJ, a 501(C)3 that allows for Police officers anywhere in the United States to attend any Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy of their choosing and learn Brazilian Jiujitsu free of charge until the rank of Blue belt.

    In 2021 Mitch launched his podcast (The Violent Hippie Podcast) in order to share his perspective on a wide range of topics with a variety of notable and interesting guests.

    Mitch is on a mission to make the world a better place and to inspire others to do the same by sharing his story and leading by example. He travels across the US participating in charity events, speaking to businesses, students, athletes and veterans in order to help share and instill his “Mindset is Everything” philosophy.